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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where to start?

Technology today is everywhere. I think we mostly relate technology to , but humans have used some form of technology since we first realized we had opposable thumbs.
Technology is one of the things that got us where we are now. We don't have to grow our own food individually. We can get to farther places alot faster. We even have forms of communication, entertainment, etc., that we couldn't possibly have imagined 100 years ago. Almost all of our are meant to make our quality-of-life better. But are some technologies really progressing humankind in the manner we want?

In one form or another, technology replaces an aspect of our lives that makes that aspect more efficient, less time consuming, or generally easier or more productive. This can be extremely beneficial when the technology in question helps us to improve ourselves. But, we still consider that aspect as being a part of our lives. Not a separate facet that we no longer need to pay attention to. The question is, what happens when we no longer consider the on the different parts of our lives?

I would like to use television as an example. It can be a very useful educationally, and provides a plethora of entertainment. But, it can also become a destructive influence in our lives. Now don't take me wrong. Television itself is not dangerous (unless you try taking one apart, not knowing what you're doing), but the meaning we derive from what we see on television can affect how we view and interact with the rest of the world. Can you think of how television shows you watched as a kid affect the person you are now? Television is widespread, but not the only technology that has a daily impact on most people's lives.

Technology today has become increasingly more automated, partly leading to the idea that intelligence can be artificially replicated. Computers can perform complicated tasks, effortlessly, that a person would find challenging at the very least. Most people wouldn't be able remember everything they have experienced (at least consciously, anyway), while a computer can keep exact records of everything it does, for an indefinite period of time. Does this make that piece of technology better able to manage and use knowledge than a person? Can technology truly be considered, itself, intelligent?

Post your comments. You're "intelligent" input would be greatly appreciated!

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