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Monday, June 26, 2006

Interacting with Technology

We interact with technology today using buttons, keys, remotes, even our voice, and many other methods and devices. We can retreive information or communicate with others simply by pressing buttons on a phone or a computer keyboard. can be controlled with levers, buttons, and other small controls. Soon, we'll even be able to utilize to repair damage to the body from the inside. Technology can make a big impact on our lives, but should always stay comprehensible enough for us to be able to make use of it.

Technology is becoming more and more complex everyday. It can take several people with different educational backgrounds to understand one aspect of a given technology. It took hundreds of people to develop a method of travelling into space. Yet soon, for the price of approximately $10,000,000, you can take a trip into space without having to understand how. Technology, as it increases in complexity, will become more costly to keep simple to use, or will require people to have a greater understanding of its use.

Creating can allow us to have a lesser understanding, but at a greater cost. Mainly, at the expense of the experience.

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