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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Let's give Technology some Thought

is considered to be an important goal in because of the many benefits that could be harnessed. Giving computers the ability to think in basically the same manner as we do will allow them to perform highly complex tasks, almost completely unattended. Whether or not the truer forms of thought, like abstraction, creativity, and reflection, are reproduced artificially, artificial intelligence would be of great advantage for helping people relate to , especially those who are not technically literate.

are becoming more useful every day, but as their complexity increases their ease-of-use can decrease dramatically. To familiarize yourself with you may have to read manuals, ask questions of customer service representatives and other users of the product, and generally play around with the device until you understand the various features and options. Most electronics are intuitive, so the user can grasp the basic usages without resorting to the manual, but many are complicated to the point where it is unavoidable to call for . If the device itself, or an extension of it using other technologies, could intelligently resolve the user's issues without requiring the assistance of a support representative at any point, technology would seem much more intelligent and a lot less artificial.

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