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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Social influence on Technology

Is the internet an all-encompassing telecommunications solution? The "tubes" that carry our information are being used for more and more forms of content, including telephone calls, television shows and movies, music, pictures, and software. Rather than using a traditional landline, you can use to make calls to almost any phone number. Full-length movies and television shows (even some exclusive to the web) are available at several sites like , , and . Social networking sites, such as , allow people to share comments, pictures, music, and numerous details about themselves with others. With the convergence of practically every mode of communication into a global network, technology is being impacted by the social aspect more than ever before.

By creating easier ways to use we are improving our ability to share ideas and exchange information. So now, when you have a "bright idea" moment, you can easily share your idea with people across the globe through words, pictures, and other forms that help the viewer experience the moment for themselves. Essentially, the technology being used becomes transparent as each person is able to represent themselves in greater detail. I think this means we should also be using emerging to help us with why we socialize, as well as how.

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