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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Technology and Society

has evolved from the basic hand tools we used to hunt for food thousands of years ago, to the we use today to manage our daily lives. It has served to provide us with essential needs, complete necessary tasks, and afford us a means to fulfill our wants and desires. Technology influences our lives in many ways, even ones that we probably don't realize. With such an widespread effect on modern society, we would be wary to consider the impact of technology as we become more dependant upon it.

brought us the ability to communicate across vast distances in real-time, allowing people to exchange ideas and information, and keep in touch with loved ones easily. is another such form of communication that is also composed graphically, although it is used mainly for entertainment. The is slowly expanding on these early ideas to form an easier method of which has many more uses. All of these technologies are developed for the purpose of bringing people closer together, like a , but can also allow people to disconnect themselves from the rest of the world.

Lots of children today are more likely to talk with friends through the telephone and instant messaging than in person. Friends play together with on the computer and gaming consoles rather than physical activities. Adults, young and old, find dates through instead of going out to bars and other social gatherings. There are more people with memberships in than in almost any social club. The lack of physical appearance may seem like a small sacrifice, but can have a profound effect on our mental and emotional evolution. Especially when people tend to do more and more things "anonymously".

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At July 11, 2006 11:22 PM, Blogger Chief Scientist said...

It does seem odd that the most advanced communication technology the world has ever known is utilized primarily so people can talk dirty to each other. I don't know if technology is missing the boat or if we're all just horndogs.

At July 23, 2006 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a naive humanist view of technology. Rather, you need to think of language, which has a prehuman origin, as being a kind of technics, a code. Also, genetics may be thought of as a code. Technicity is what make technology possible. Technicity does not begin with tools, but with code-like repetition. Technicity is not a supplement to humanity, but is the possibility of a humanity. We are technological beings. We invent, we build, produce, we calculate. Everything we do has some kind of technicity. Our relation to time is a technics. Nature, for example, is a proliferation of genetic codes, the play of casual relations, and physical laws. None of this means that we should not enjoy and celebrate the universe—we should affirm our essential technicity, and on this basis, think a more insightful and responsible relation to technology. Also–this technicity is not determinist--we are free to invent and produce. What needs to be thought are the ways in which give form (technics) to freedom.


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