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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To Post Or Not To Post.......

That is the question. Blogging starts out with such great excitement. You set everything up, get it looking just the way you like, and begin posting away. At first the subjects flow through you like a seemingly endless stream. You post your thoughts, ideas, stories, and any little tidbit of information you care to share with whomever happens across your little piece of the global community. Then, you inevitably reach a point where you say to yourself, "What do I talk about now?" Some reach this point more quickly than others, with a rare few who never even imagine that such a point even exists. But, for the most part, many bloggers will eventually lose interest and gradually give up posting anything at all.
I thought I had reached "the end", and practically abandoned this blog. Until this morning I haven't posted here in over 6 months. I guess I was hoping some brilliant wordplay would pop into my head, making me scamper for my computer in hopes of typing it all up before it faded. I kept putting off the "chore" of writing thinking that, "Tomorrow I will write something better than I would've today." Sadly, the next day didn't bring anything more, so I passed it off for the next day. Then the next day. Then the day after that. I kept letting it go, until I nearly forgotten about it all together.
Then I realized why I started writing in the first place while drinking a cup of tea. "I want to have something to share, and to remember. If I don't want to share/remember everything, that's perfectly fine. But I have to record something for it to be recalled later." If you find yourself grasping at straws trying to come up with a great post to share, why not write about that? At least it's something, rather than nothing at all.

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