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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Convergence of Technology

We interact with a plethora of gadgets and devices every day. Many people depend on devices like , , and to earn their incomes. So it would seem natural that we try to combine different technologies to create multi-use devices that could save time and effort. But are we heading towards a point when we will have the sum of all in a single device?

Scientists combine theories that become the basis for practical applications, which are combined with existing technologies, leading to the of technology. Now, convergence doesn't necessarily mean that different technologies are brought together into a single technology. But rather, the different technologies work together to provide a more seamless experience. , for example, are coming equipped with , , methods of viewing video, and other capabilities that are packaged into a single device. The different technologies are usable via the mobile phone, but require the service of other technologies to complete a task in most cases (placing a call or browsing the web).

I tend to envision the convergence of technology as an ever-expanding web, with new technologies spiralling outwards, adding to the overall complexity.

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At August 03, 2006 1:09 PM, Anonymous Cash said...

My next technology spiral will be a website devoted to guys offering to sell their annoying girlfriends in an online auction. I haven't figured out the payoff yet ... maybe a t-shirt or something to whomever gets the highest bids each week. I'll work on that.


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